Welcome to the Chris Cave Foundation

Founded in 2005 by Theresa Cave, the Chris Cave Foundation supports and educates families and local communities affected by violent crimes, whilst providing an outlet for young people influenced by violent crime to focus their energy and gain new skills.

Unlock a vital educational experience with POINT7, an innovative program designed to shed light on the profound impacts of weapon-related crime. Crafted to enhance students’ understanding beyond the classroom, POINT7 offers an immersive journey into the ‘real’ effects of such crimes on lives and communities. This free program covers an array of crucial topics, including knife and gun crime, cyberbullying, and more, through interactive presentations filled with real-life stories, debates, and graphic visual content. Recognized nationwide for its effectiveness and even nominated for a Tilly award, POINT7 has been endorsed as a necessary inclusion in schools across the country. Dive into this powerful initiative aimed at students aged 13 and above and discover how it’s changing conversations and perceptions about violence and safety.

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