POINT7 was created to give students a broader understanding of the ‘real’ effects on the lives of ‘real’ people of weapon-related crime. POINT 7 is a powerful and interactive program that shows the consequences and the ripple effect of knife / gun crime, it also covers cyber bullying and other topics related to violent crime. The program is free and has been welcomed across the country. 

The presentation includes real life stories, pictures and information regarding laws on sentencing , carrying weapons and gang violence, cyber bullying and gives young people a chance to interact and even go into debates. 

The presentation shows Graphic images of real life situations including stab wounds and gunshot wounds.

The presentation’s aims include giving participants a deeper understanding of the consequences of carrying any illegal weapon, the types of weapons seized from offenders and the types of injuries caused by guns and knives.

POINT7 was a Tilly award nominee and features on page 12 of ‘Tackling knife crime together – a review of local anti-knife crime projects’ a report orchestrated by Brooke Kinsella in 2011 stating the programme should be prevalent in all schools. 

The presentation is aimed at age 13 upwards. 

Distance is no object although travel expenses would be required  for long distance.

If you feel that your child and the wider community would benefit from having POINT7 in your local school, then please speak to the head teacher. 

Would you like to see POINT7 in your child’s school? Contact Theresa Cave for more information.