About The CCF – Fighting against Gun and Knife Crime

Chris Cave, son of Theresa Cave, was stabbed to death innocently on June 5th 2003. Since then, both Theresa and son Tom have fought tirelessly against gun and knife crime.

Theresa’s life is dedicated to preventing and deterring young people from carrying a knife or a gun or committing violent crime in any shape or form

I founded Mothers against Violence North East in 2005 and began to meet families from across the country who like me needed support and comfort from someone who ‘knew’ what they were going through first hand.

The Chris Cave Foundation is an evolution of Mothers against Violence North East and is a legacy to young people, aiming to raise money for projects around the country in efforts to help ‘kill violence on the streets’ and give young people something to look forward to in their futures. The foundation offers support and comfort and advice to those who have lost a loved one to Murder/ Manslaughter and offers professional peer support. We are linked to Victim Support and Child Bereavement UK and have external links to many organisations who also offer support in your area. We are linked to projects run via The Home Office and the Ministry of Justice. If you or some one you know feels you could benefit from our help please do contact us. Don’t suffer in silence there is a light at the end of that very long tunnel…..

Find out how you can get involved with The Chris Cave Foundation by contacting Theresa Cave.

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Our family working together to make a long lasting change


Theresa Cave


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