Annual Youth Conference

The C.C.F. Annual Youth Conference

This full day event held at the Tuned In building in Redcar

Designed to educate, engage and impact. Including a full morning of introduction and listening to the voice of young people who want to change their lives. Offering opportunities for youth empowerment and address.

We then hear from our guest workshops for a brief introduction followed by talks from our guest speakers. 

We use a short lunch interval to take the opportunity to network and engage, sharing key ideas and thoughts.

The afternoon is a structured rotation of our guest workshops, followed by a short tea break.

We close with a finale talk and allow for feedback from the day before we close.

Barry Coppinger

Cleveland Police Crime Commissioner

A strong supporter of the CCF, Barry will be attending the conference to address the youth of our community directly.

Barry has supported the CCF through the introduction of our vital stab packs and regularly speaks out on the issues faced with the carrying of knives and dangerous weapons on the streets.

Quinton Green

Knife Crime Victim Support

Travelling all the way from London to attend our key event, Quinton is a pillar of the Anti Knife Crime movement. 

Supporting the cause with music courses, video creation and deep engaging mentoring and discussion to highlight how young people feel about knife crime.

Throughout the event Quinton will be on hand to identify aspirations amongst the young people in our community, answer any questions and concerns they may have regarding knife crime as well as providing support and guidance.

Julian Lawrence


An interactive workshop allowing the expression of feelings and key issues through art and design. Julian is a well renowned comic artist who we have worked with many times through out projects to deliver engaging sessions for young people through the medium of comic art.

Julian also created a spectacular knife angel comic as a keepsake of our special time with the knife angel.

A video of the workshop session held by Julian can be found here

Little Medics

First Aid Workshop

The little medics teach youth groups CPR and other basic first aid.

Allowing for an interactive session of hands on practice and information.

John Robert Atkins

Martial Arts Expert

As well as a form of self defence, martial arts provides an outlet for frustration and allows young people to channel their feelings and emotions into a physical form.