The Chris Cave Foundation

Founded in 2005 by Theresa Cave, The Chris Cave Foundation supports and educates families and local communities affected by violent crimes, whilst providing an outlet for young people influenced by violent crime to focus their energy and gain new skills.

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POINT7 was created to give students a broader understanding of the ‘real’ effects on the lives of ‘real’ people of weapon related crime. A hard hitting . graphic and powerful program designed to showcase the consequences of knife and gun crime aimed at ages 13 and upwards…

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Working alongside the Police & Crime Commissioner for Cleveland

Our POINT7 initiative and sibling video have been recognised as vital components to help support the prevention of violence and death on the streets of Cleveland. Working towards ending knife crime…

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“Success and achievements are their aim. The Chris Cave Foundation has had many a success in the region of work they do. They do fantastic work and are an extremely inspiring group to have in the region.