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VICTIMS - Read stories from other people who have suffered from knife crime

Further arrest in Shaquan Sammy-Plummer murder

The 17-year-old was fatally wounded in Enfield, north London, on Jan 30

DETECTIVES INVESTIGATING the murder of 17-year-old Shaquan Sammy-Plummer have arrested a woman on suspicion of assisting an offender.
The 29-year-old woman from north London, who has not been named, was arrested this morning (Feb 11) and is in custody at an east London police station.
Shaquan was left bleeding to death in Berkley Gardens, a street in the leafy north London suburb of Enfield, on Friday January 30 at approximately 9.35pm.
He was taken to a central London hospital in critical condition where he later died.
Five other people have been arrested in connection with the murder, including a 17-year-old girl and 46-year-old woman, but all have been bailed pending further enquires to a date in late March.
Last week, Shaquan's family issued a heartfelt plea for witnesses to come forward with information.
"It is of deep concern to us that his killer has not been found and we ask anyone who may have any information to contact the police as soon as possible to help them with their enquiries," the teen's family and friends said in a statement.
"We are deeply shocked and saddened at the tragic loss of a very much loved son and brother."
They added: "Shaquan was a good young man who was doing well at school and was liked and respected by his peers and those who worked with him.

Alan Cartwright Aged:15 Fatally stabbed

Joshua Williams, 18, who was sentenced to a minimum of 21 years behind bars, had yet to be charged on suspicion of carrying a four-inch long lock blade, before he carried out the fatal attack in February.
A jury took just three hours on Thursday (17) to find Williams guilty of Alan’s murder and conspiracy to rob.
Calls of “I love you Joshua” were heard from the defendant’s family in the court, and were met by shouts of “scumbag” from some members of the Cartwright family.
Jailing him, Judge Rebecca Poulet QC told Williams: “This was a gratuitous and senseless piece of violence. It was motivated by acquisitive greed and the incident has rightly horrified and dismayed the public.”
Alan was an innocent boy who was unconnected with gangs, she told the defendant.
“You have taken his life in a pathetic and unsuccessful attempt to steal a bike.”
She described Williams and his accomplices in the robbery, Shaquille Roberts, 18, and a 16 year-old, as “lying in wait” for a group like of young people just like Alan and his friends with the intention of stealing their bicycles.
While the other young men used force to take the bicycles, Williams swung with his left arm to deliver a “swift, but firm and fatal” stabbing to Alan’s upper chest, which penetrated three layers of clothing to pierce his lung.
Alan’s mother, who was eight months pregnant with her daughter at the time of the murder had told the court of her devastation and heartbreak at the death of her only son, in her victim’s statement.
Judge Poulet stated that she was satisfied that Williams had confessed to his parents, and had gone with them to the station to hand himself in, before changing his story – claiming to have an alibi that would place him elsewhere at the time of the attack.
“Much of the good that would have flowed from your courage (…) has now been dissipated,” she said.
Williams did not address the court and spoke only to confirm his name.

North London stabbing victim named as Stefan Appleton, 18

Police launch murder investigation after two youths on moped attack teenager on Islington council estate

The victim of a fatal stabbing on a north London council estate has been named as 18-year-old Stefan Appleton. Appleton was targeted by two youths on a moped in a vicious attack in Islington on Wednesday evening as he stood with friends next to a children’s playground. He was repeatedly stabbed in the chest and back with what detectives have described as a “large bladed weapon” and collapsed nearby after trying to flee the scene on his bicycle.
Scotland Yard has launched a murder investigation. The victim has not yet been formally identified, although officers are satisfied that it is Appleton, who is from the area. Police have distributed a photo of him, provided by his family.
Appleton had been with friends in Nightingale Park when two youths pulled up on a moped, the Metropolitan police said. The pillion passenger got off and repeatedly stabbed Appleton in front of startled children. The attackers sped off and Appleton tried to get on his bicycle to ride for help, but fell unconscious 50 yards around the corner, on Caldy Walk. Neighbours tried to give him first aid as they waited for medics to arrive.
Paramedics and London’s air ambulance raced to the scene, but Appleton was pronounced dead in hospital at 7.45pm, less than two hours later. Sandra Phillips, 45, told the Evening Standard: “He had collapsed and his bike was next to him. I was trying to put pressure on the wounds to stop the bleeding. He’d been stabbed at least three times, probably more. There was a lot of blood – it was pouring out of him.”
A second witness, a 38-year-old who did not wish to be named, told the Mirror: “It was awful. His sister was there. She was just all over the place sobbing. I think there were a couple of stab wounds in Stefan’s back and he was stabbed four or five times altogether. I heard it was a machete, but someone else said it was a samurai sword. It was definitely a big knife of some kind.”

Boy, 16, charged with murder over fatal stabbing in Marylebone, London

  • Bilal Mirza, 18, was fatally wounded while walking through central London
  • A 16-year-old, who can't be named for legal reasons, is accused of murder
  • Boy is also charged with possession of a multi-tool knife in a public place
Bilal Mirza (pictured) 18, was fatally stabbed as he walked through Marylebone, in central London, at around 10.40pm on Thursday
A mother wept in court as her teenage son was remanded in custody over the murder of a young man who was stabbed to death in central London.
Bilal Mirza, 18, had been walking along a street in Marylebone, London at around 10.40pm on Thursday when he was attacked and stabbed. He later died in hospital.
Now a 16-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is accused of fatally wounding Bilal. 
He is also charged with possession of an offensive weapon without lawful authority or reasonable excuse in a public place in relation to a multi-tool knife.
Appearing at London's Westminster Magistrates' Court, he was told that his case will be heard at the Old Bailey on Tuesday.
Dressed in black and with her head covered, the boy's mother spoke to him briefly before he was sent to a youth detention centre.
The youth tried to touch his mother's hand through the dock's glass panels and also began to cry as he was taken away.
District Judge Denis Brennan told the defendant: 'I have no power other than to send the matter to the Central Criminal Court and I do so together with the allegation of possession of an offensive weapon.'
The court heard that police were called to reports of a stabbing outside Lea House on Salisbury Street on Thursday night.


Tommy Blackmore, 20, died after being attacked near Tower Bridge on 13 June 2015

He was found critically injured in Queen Elizabeth Street, Southwark, after police were called to a disturbance outside the Mono Lounge nightclub at around 2.35am.
Mr Blackmore, a track fitter and charity fundraiser from Bermondsey, was pronounced dead in hospital at 3.45am. A postmortem found he died of a cardiac arrest after suffering a brain haemorrhage.
Detectives launched a murder investigation and arrested four men aged between 21 and 34. Two were released on bail and one was released with no further action. On 15 June police charged Lloyd Smythe, 28 (29/06/86) of Staple Street, Tabard Gardens Estate, Bermondsey, with murder.
The prosecution case is that Smythe killed Mr Blackmore with a single punch.
Smythe will next appear at the Old Bailey for a case management hearing on 17 September 2015. The trial is listed to start on 2 November 2015.
Detective Chief Inspector Rebecca Reeves of the Homicide and Major Crime Command said: “Although we are in the early stages of the investigation we believe that an argument involving a number of men and women took place in Tower Bridge Road. This then continued in Queen Elizabeth Street where the victim subsequently died.
“The area around Tooley Street has a popular nightlife and I would ask that anyone who had been to a club in the area and may have witnessed the assault to contact us.
“A number of night buses also use this route and it is possible that someone travelling to work, or heading home, may have seen something that will assist our investigation.”



Pub Stab Victim: Case of 'Mistaken Identity'

The father stabbed outside a pub by an armed gang was not their intended target, according to police.

A man stabbed to death outside a London pub was a victim of mistaken identity, police believe. Christopher Foster was attacked while having a cigarette with a male friend in an alleyway outside St Christopher's Inn, in Borough High Street, Southwark, central London.
Witnesses said they saw seven suspects wearing hooded clothing carrying baseball bats and at least one knife.
Emergency services were alerted to the stabbing at about 11.45pm on Friday.


'The murder of my pupil at the age of just 16 must be a catalyst for change’

Mohammed Dura-Ray, 16 was stabbed to death in a playground on a south London housing estate. A headteacher today called for the murder of one of his students to be a catalyst for change in the community to keep young people safe in London.
Matt Jones, principal of Ark Globe Academy in Southwark, spoke out after Mohammed Dura-Ray, 16, was stabbed to death at a playground.
He was the 10th teenager to be killed with a blade in the capital so far this year, compared with eight last year.

 Derek Brown: The modern day 'Jack The Ripper' by Simon Alford

Double murderer Derek Brown was a convicted rapist obsessed with serial killers who wanted to emulate Jack the Ripper.
Brown, a portly 47-year-old from Preston, stalked the streets of London's Whitechapel just as the Ripper had more than 100 years earlier.
29, an illegal immigrant DVD seller, and prostitute Bonnie Barrett,24, were lured to his flat in south London, two miles away.
Brown killed his victims, dismembered them and disposed of their bodies so perfectly that their remains have never been discovered.
He may have thrown the body parts into the Thames or put corpses through the industrial crusher at his workplace.
As he was jailed for a minimum of 30 years, police revealed Brown had raped at least six women and may have killed before.
He had meticulously studied the 19 chapters of a book which detailed the horrific stories of some of the world's worst serial killers.
Brown borrowed Nigel Cawthorne's 'Killers: The Most Barbaric Murderers of Our Time' from his local library for three weeks before he began his murder spree last summer.
He pored over pages information on killerslikeYorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe, who murdered 13 women between 1975 and 1980, and Dennis Nilsen, who killed 15 men and boys in five years in north London.
Brown may have deliberately chosen Whitechapel as his hunting ground to emulate Jack the Ripper who claimed five prostitute victims there in 1888.
The newspaper delivery driver bragged to a close friend the press would soon be 'hounding' her for information about him.
On the last occasion he saw her he made the chilling boast: 'You will hear of me.'
Thewomansaid: 'He also said words to the effect of I would be laughing on the other side of my face when I had the press hounding me about what he had done.'
Brown had  a 'large sexual appetite' who lusted after 'slim, small-breasted women' according to a prostitute he used regularly.
Both Bonnie Barrett and Xiao Mei had the misfortune to be Brown's preferred type.
Xiao Mei Guo arrived in London with her husband Jin in August 2006, just a year before she was murdered.
She left two sons aged 11 and 12 in China as the family were smuggled in to the UK from the Fujian province by the country's mafia organisation known as the 'Snakeheads' after paying large sums of money.
The couple could not afford to pay the fee in one go and began working by selling counterfeit DVDs in east London in a bid to pay back some ofthe cash they owed.
The family set up home in Cannon Street Road, Whitechapel, in a house with other Chinese immigrants.
Both Ms Guo and her husband began working on the streets of Whitechapel, where hundreds of fake DVDs were sold.
Her husband Jin was jailed after being convicted of hawking and Ms Guo was having to work much harder to repay the money they both owed. He was still in prison when she disappeared after meeting Brown in August last year.
She may have agreed to go to Brown's flat to show him the DVDs because she was so desperate for money.
CCTV captured Brown chatting with Ms Guo on the morning of her disappearance on August29 at Whitechapel Underground station, before both headed for the tube.
Shewas last intouch with friends when she sent a text message from Rotherhithe station saying she was to show a customer some DVDs before he bought them.
Kola Owolabi, who lived below Brown in Laburnam Court, Rotherhithe, said he heard a woman's cries front the flat as he chatted to a friend on the day Miss Guo disappeared.
'It was female. It sounded lie a young voice. I didn't hear any words.
'There was a scream, a thud, then silence.'
Miss Barrett, a mother to a six-year-old boy was a crack cocaine addict who scratched a living by working on the streets.
She grew up in Walworth, southeast London, but moved out of the family home as a teenager when she began to experiment with drink and drugs.
She was known as a 'clipper' and would often trick men in to paying for sex, but make a swift exit with the cash before anything took place.
Miss Barrett had been working the streets for several years to fund her crack cocaine addiction and had many friend in the Commercial Street area.
At the time of her disappearance, on September 18, last year she was living with her friend Neil Wakefield in Boxley Street,Victoria Docks, in east London.
She then moved in with a violent boyfriend but left just before finding out she was pregnant with her son.
Several sex worker colleagues interviewed after she vanished knew Brown as a client and had been to his flat.
They also revealed he had hired Miss Barrett several times in the past.
Miss Barrett spent the weekend before she disappeared in a drugs and sex binge with the leader of the Australian Hell's Angels, who was in London for a funeral.
She went missing on September 18 lastyear after goingout to work in Commercial Street and never returned to the flat in Boxley Street, Victoria Docks, east London, she shared with friend Neil Wakefield.
Brown, who had been caught on CCTV loitering in Whitechapel that day, had picked her up and taken her back to his flat, this time using his company van, before killing her.
The murder inquiry began when Ms Guo was reported missing and police found the crucial CCTV footage of her at the station.
Brown was arrested on October 6 after he walked in to a local Londis shop where officers were making routine inquiries and showing pictures ofhim.
Officers watched him leave before stopping him outside.

Joel Adesina stabbing: Man, 20, on murder charge

Jobless George Phillips, of Pitfield Street, Hoxton, was charged over 15-year-old Joel’s death yesterday.
The keen footballer died after being stabbed in Padbury Court, off Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, on December 5.
Phillips will appear at Thames Magistrates’ Court.
Meanwhile the 22-year-old man arrested on Monday night has been released on bail.
Earlier this month Bardag Yellows under-16s coach Ricky Downes led tributes to the youngster, who he described as a fast-paced winger who could have made a career in professional football.
“Even just from the six or eight months that I’ve known him, he has touched my life,” Ricky said. “He was bubbly, cheeky, all the attributes in a young man that you could have wanted. He was so full of fun and he has been cut down in the prime of his life.”
A schoolfriend, who said Joel was one of his closest friends, used to play football with him at the Gascoigne Estate most Fridays.
“Joel was funny and he had a lot of pride,” he said. “He was very confident and always did anything for his friends. He will be missed a lot.
“I felt quite sick when I found out [about his death] – it just came out of nowhere. I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.”
Another former schoolfriend described Joel as a “good, fun guy”.
“He was always fun to be around and joking about,” he said. “He was one of the good ones.”
In a statement, Eastbury School headteacher David Dickson said the whole community was grieving “the sad loss of a young man with his whole life in front of him”.

Knife victim’s mother: “I keep thinking he is going to walk in the door"

Charlie Burns, 19, stabbed to dearth in Hackney
The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, knifed 19-year-old Charlie Burns four times in the chest and back after he demanded the payment of a £150 cannabis debt.
The confrontation started after Mr Burns, who was known as Chucky, spotted the boy by chance while driving around Hackney on 18 August last year.
He pulled alongside the Vauxhall Astra he was in and blocked the car before getting out of his vehicle with a wheel brace, the Old Bailey heard.
The driver, Ashan Crosdale, 19, reversed away to escape but crashed into a lamp-post near the junction of Frampton Park Road and Darnley Road.
When Mr Burns approached and hurled the wheel brace at the car, the 17-year-old passenger “turned the tables on him”.
Charlie, who lived in Sharon Gardens with his girlfriend and their child, died in hospital less than two hours later.
The teenager was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter by a jury while Mr Crosdale, 19, of Frampton Park Road, South Hackney, was acquitted of both charges on Thursday last week. Both denied the charges.
Mr Burns’ mother Keeley, 46, who sat through the three-week trial, said: “We are all devastated and upset, we are lost for words. It’s been hard because he’s got a little baby, it’s hard seeing his little girl who’s nine months now, knowing that she wont know him.
“He had a little brother who idolised him, and he’s lost his best friend and his brother.
“It’s so tragic, I keep thinking he is going to walk in the door even though it was August last year, it still feels like yesterday.”
Mr Burns’ family had been due to travel on their first family holiday to Tenerife just four days after he was killed.
Judge Richard Marks QC told the 17-year-old: “There will be, in this case, a substantial sentence of detainment, without question.”
Earlier, prosecutor Mark Dennis QC told jurors: “The sum of money was comparatively small. However that continued non-payment was clearly annoying Charlie Burns and as a result relations between them was already strained even before this day.”

Stephanie Aird Speaking Out On Knife Crime

  Local entertainer Stephenie Aird Speak out about knife crime.