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Great News !

​Great news ! The Chris Cave Foundation will be giving the website a total upgrade soon ! we have lots to tell you on how far we have gone since our last blog and so much more to do within schools colleges and youth groups were you are ! We are raising money just now to make a brand new film about the pain and loss felt by siblings after Murder hits their family, we feel the film will bring in massive awarness to young people with brothers and sisters who they love and do not want to loose to knife gun gang or any other violent way, the film will show real life siblings telling their stories in a bid to help young people to walk away from violent crime and take a whole new path in life. Have you been watching Eastenders ? what a fantastic job they have done and are continuing to do raising more massive awarness on knife crime ! please keep watching as the funeral will blow you away !!! if this hits home to just one child and stops them carrying a knife then it will be worthwhile and a job well done ! We look forward to a whole new out look on our work really soon and we strive to make young peoples lives better in any way we can, we can not do this with out your support so please like our pages on Face Book The Chris Cave Foundation - POINT 7 ANTI GUN AND KNIFE CRIME PROGRAM - Join our group PUT DOWN THE KNIFE ! And lets work together to do more and help make this stop ! big smiles and thanks ! 


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