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Tom Cave scoops 2010 Child of Courage Award

Redcar schoolboy Tom Cave, son of TCCF founder Theresa Cave, has scooped a prestigious award for his relentless campaigning against violent crime following the death of his brother, Chris Cave, in 2003.

Presented by actor and comedian James Corden, Tom picked up the 'Child of Courage' accolade at the annual Pride of Britain Awards 2010 for recognition for his hard work in the North-East.

On his award, Tom said: Tom said: “I feel good about getting the word out and helping people - I think our Chris would be proud of me.”

Since Chris’s death, Theresa and Tom have fought tirelessly for tougher sentences to discourage young people away from violent crimes and to ensure that better rights for victims’ families are in place. 

For more information on The Chris Cave Foundation, please contact Theresa Cave



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