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TCCF gets £10,000 Lottery injection for anti-knife campaign

The Chris Cave Foundation is delighted to announce that it has received £10,000 in funding from the Lottery’s Awards For All scheme to help further its anti-knife campaign in the North-East.

The grant, Theresa says, will be used to purchase video equipment and produce a promotional video, with links to outside agencies, to help provide support and guidance to young people dealing with issues surrounding violent crime.

Theresa Cave, mother of Chris Cave, who was stabbed to death in 2003, described her happiness on receiving the funding, saying: “It’s the first funding we’ve ever had in 11 years but it’s not really about the money - it’s the fact that at last, we’ve been recognised and believed in. I’ve fought all the way to get into schools and colleges and now the doors are opening.

Point7, an in-school programme which aims to help better inform students of the consequences of weapon-related-crime, will also benefit from the cash boost.

On the programme, Theresa said: “Schools were reluctant to have it in case they were tarred with the “knife crime” brush but gradually, opinions have been changing. For example, Redcar and Cleveland College had me in last year and have asked me again next month.”

For further information on how to see Point7 in your local school, please contact Theresa at The Chris Cave Foundation. 


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