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The POINT 7 program has been under way for the past two weeks and has been shown to many young people in Middlesbrough and Leeds joining forces with the MFC National Citizenship Serivce. The young people were so intrigued with the program that they have decided to join together and become young ambasadors for knife crime and have formed The Young Peoples committee for the Foundation ! How wonderful i am over whelmed with their dedication and determination to fight knife crime and keep others safe !

Great News !

​Great news ! The Chris Cave Foundation will be giving the website a total upgrade soon ! we have lots to tell you on how far we have gone since our last blog and so much more to do within schools colleges and youth groups were you are !

POINT 7 Bookings

Dear All we are very exited about the second grant being awarded to the Foundation to use on our fantastic POINT 7 program incorporating 'gang crime' and bringing in 'role play' for the young people so they can take part and see for them selves how a tiny cut from a knife can end up catastrophic. We have also been funded for drop in days in the North East and we have already engaged with our local council and youth club the 25k Club. We are fully booked throughout July were we will be once again in Sheffield and through the month of August we are booked every Monday with Doncaster.

Can we help you ?

The Chris Cave Foundation is very happy to tell you that we are now able to provide 'drop in' coffee mornings for parents and young adults to come along and have a coffee and an informal chat about any worries or concerns you may have regarding gun, knife or gang crime within your communities. Please feel free to contact us if you feel you'r community could benefit from this service and we can soon arrange it for you. 2016 will be the start of this great new service brought to you directly from us !

Special thanks from Sheffield

Patrick Meleady, the Manager of Pitsmoor Adventure Playground in Sheffield sent a very special thankyou to Theresa Cave and the Chris Cave Foundation.

Theresa donated £1000 towards a new slide at the playground which has now been completed. The slide is now the playgrounds star attraction having a permanent queue of children waiting their turn.

The playground is a registered charity and could not survive without the kind generosity of people like Theresa.



What a wonderful way to mark the 12 years memorial of Chris ! Steven and Jamie Largan Chris's cousins absailed down the Transporter bridge raising over £400 for the foundations fight against knife crime, Jamie just 12 years old said he was very happy he had done it ! Steven plans to do more events in the future. Theresa said its great to have my family involved . 

TCCF gets £10,000 Lottery injection for anti-knife campaign

The Chris Cave Foundation is delighted to announce that it has received £10,000 in funding from the Lottery’s Awards For All scheme to help further its anti-knife campaign in the North-East.

The grant, Theresa says, will be used to purchase video equipment and produce a promotional video, with links to outside agencies, to help provide support and guidance to young people dealing with issues surrounding violent crime.

Tom Cave scoops 2010 Child of Courage Award

Redcar schoolboy Tom Cave, son of TCCF founder Theresa Cave, has scooped a prestigious award for his relentless campaigning against violent crime following the death of his brother, Chris Cave, in 2003.

Presented by actor and comedian James Corden, Tom picked up the 'Child of Courage' accolade at the annual Pride of Britain Awards 2010 for recognition for his hard work in the North-East.

On his award, Tom said: Tom said: “I feel good about getting the word out and helping people - I think our Chris would be proud of me.”

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